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Glass Water Filter for 'Mighty/Crafty'

Glass Water Filter for 'Mighty/Crafty'
Glass Water Filter for 'Mighty/Crafty'

Bubbler for Mighty & Crafty

Even if you vaporize with such a good vaporizer as the 'Crafty' or 'Mighty', many vapers like some variety.

This water filter attachment, also called bubbler, provides a remedy. On the one hand, it brings bubbling bong fun while vaping. On the other hand, the dome percolator inside provides a cooler, purer, and more aromatic vapor.

We recommend to find the right amount of water by testing (without vaporizer) before the first use, so that there is not too much water in the bubbler. Before the bubbler with water is placed on the (filled) heating chamber, please make sure that it is completely dry on the outside. The enclosed screen prevents accidental pulling up of herbs or similar.


Material: Glass, Plastic
Length: 152mm
Perkolator/Diffusor: Dome Percolator

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