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Long-serving hemp flower connoisseurs have often accumulated an extensive collection of useful equipment over the years. Sanctified and held in honor like the tools of a craftsman, a wide variety of utensils such as boards, turning aids, knives, jars, brushes, scoops and the fine scales are kept ready for regular use in the "herb shrine" of the cannaseur.

The deep connection to the tools of a stoner is often clearly shown in a resinous patina on the tools that has been formed over a long period of time. For the inexperienced layperson not to be distinguished from conventional pollution, the cannabinoid attachments often cause sentimental flashbacks in the user, which can lead to extensive monologues about the "good old days".

The stoner and its stash belong together just like the spliff and the munchies!

This container is made of high-quality aluminum and is very robust thanks to its extremely thick wall thickness. It is lightweight and optimally suited to protect what is important to you. The motive on the screw cap was lasered in.Short description: Material:   aluminiumPrint:   ..
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