Vape Wool hemp fibres from Black Leaf are purified fibres from the stalks of the hemp plant, which is basically exactly what plumbers use to seal heating pipes.
In the case of Vape Wool, the purpose of sealing is more figurative, as it is meant to be used for the use of oily and/or resinous concentrates in the vaporizer.

The only conceivable misuse would be the production of robust hemp ropes, for which the hemp fibres would first have to be spun into yarn. That's not illegal, but it's still quite time-consuming. In any case, the grey-brown fibres themselves definitely do not contain the slightest traces of psychoactive substances, but are nevertheless capable of getting certain minds in a tizzy.  

A few days ago, for example, I received an email from my current payment service provider with the more or less friendly request to remove "everything that has to do with CBD, hemp and flowers" from the shop. However, "oils and creams with CBD" are allowed.

Selling CBD products, which are so popular at the moment, may be a lucrative business. But from my own experience I know only too well that it is equally a very big threat to one's own existence if one cannot offer customers flexible payment options. The arbitrary approach of the service providers means that you can only pay for the same product in shop A by bank transfer, but in shop B you can still pay by PayPal, Klarna and the like.

Of course, it is no different with the hemp fibre in question. Just a quick search in the search engine of your choice and you will be shown hundreds of shops where you can buy 'Vape Wool' and pay with modern methods.     

Now, the arbitrary and relentless restrictions of various payment processors against the hemp industry are not really news for most of my colleagues as well as for me. And that's exactly why I pay scrupulous attention in the MoJamba Vaporizer Shop not to have any "stones of offence" in the assortment.

When I received the message from Klarna, I asked them which products the complaint would refer to and was dumbfounded by the answer. IMMEDIATELY I tried to clear up the misunderstanding and inform Klarna about the actual nature of this "hemp product". But instead of the hoped-for, understanding compliance, I was told in response to my cheeky bossiness that I would also have to remove "the detailed explanation of hemp cultivation, the books on the cultivation basis and marijuana inside" from the shop.

Censorship! Restriction of the freedom of the press! I will report that!
Friendly but firm, I expressed my displeasure at this approach and Klarna buckled:

"You are welcome to continue offering your products, however, you must ensure that the products cannot be purchased with the payment method of Sofort GmbH."

Since this demand would probably be extremely complicated to implement technically, I dutifully complied and removed the offending products from the shop IMMEDIATELY.