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Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop Vaporizer are made to enjoy the best possible efficiency, You might carry a Volcano to your friends place to enjoy a nice evening from time to time, but thats  where the freedom ends.

So if you like to enjoy your favorite herbs not only at home, but while chilling outside in the sun you might consider to buy (also) a portable Vaporizer with a high battery capacity and/or a removable battery.

Its your freedom of choice!  

Brand: Arizer
Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer - new Edition - Details New Quiet FanNew 'Midnight Chrome' FinishCooler, more compact designNow with Three Year WarantyNew clear view LCD ScreenNow with 'fast heat' ceramic heatingPrecise temperature control, now with triple heat sensorsRedesigned with Solid State Circ..
128.22€ 153.87€
Ex Tax:107.75€
Plenty Vaporizer Highlights efficient, high-quality vaporizeramazing vapor qualitysilent Description The Plenty Vaporizer was created by Storz and Bickel following the success of its predecessor, the Volcano Digit. This whip vaporizer never fails to meet every va..
177.46€ 225.68€
Ex Tax:149.13€
V-Tower V-Tower
Brand: Arizer
V-Tower Vaporizer - new Edition Description The V-Tower works better, does more and costs even less. Complete with features you won't find any where else and so efficient it pays for itself! Backed by Triple A Customer Service, reasonable parts prices and fast shipping you'll b..
Ex Tax:99.99€
Volcano 'Classic' Vaporizer with 'Easy Valve' Volcano 'Classic' Vaporizer with 'Easy Valve'
Volcano Classic  Highlights Buy from an official Volcano partnerHigh quality product Materials that do not change the tasteLots of accessories Description Released over a decade ago, the Volcano Classic is undoubtedly the most popular forced-air desktop..
289.00€ 333.39€
Ex Tax:242.86€
Volcano Classic Gold Edition An Icon turns 20! Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Volcano Classic vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, the manufacturer has come up with something very special: The GOLD PLATED VOLCANO CLASSIC. Accustomed Quality with a new look The VOL..
409.32€ 430.85€
Ex Tax:343.97€
Volcano Hybrid Vapoizer Volcano Hybrid Vapoizer
A legend becomes smart - we present the 'Volcano Hybrid'! Following its predecessors 'Volcano Classic' and 'Volcano Digit' which have already ascended in the Olympus of the most legendary as best vaporizers, 'Storz & Bickel' pushes to the next level with its 'Volcano Hybrid' desk vaporiz..
Ex Tax:394.12€
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