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Brand: Honey Stick
HoneyStick 'BeeKeeper' Battery with 510 TankThe little, handy and very discrete ‘The Bee Keeper‘ is a vape pen battery which works with the tank respectively cartridge technology. This means that the filled cartridge/tank is simply plugged into the heating element and ready to vape.The mouthpi..
29.99€ 30.76€
Ex Tax:25.20€
HoneyStick 'VV Twist' Battery for 510er Tank silver
Brand: Honey Stick
HoneyStick 'VV Twist' Battery for 510er Tank silverThe battery with 510 screw thread is suitable for all cartridge/tank systems with 510 thread. It has power of 500mAh. The voltage can be adjusted in the range 2.0V - 4.0V. The battery is charged with the included USB charger. Shortdescription..
19.99€ 20.50€
Ex Tax:16.80€
Brand: XVape
XVAPE 'V-One' 2.0 Concentrate E-NailThe 'V-One 2.0' from 'XVAPE' is an e-nail pen which is intended only for the vaporization of extracts (oil/wax). One very interesting feature is the bubbler which can be filled with water and placed on the heating element. The bubbler is a percolator which..
49.99€ 61.55€
Ex Tax:42.01€
Brand: XVape
XVAPE 'Vista mini' E-NailThe 'VISTA MINI' by 'XVAPE' is a portable vaporizer for concentrates like oil and wax. You could also say, it is a portable electric dab rig. The 'VISTA MINI' is perfect for dabbing on the go because you can even charge the battery wirelessly. You only need a special..
69.99€ 92.32€
Ex Tax:58.82€
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