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Accessories for the Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel.

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Storz und Bickel - Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules Description The Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules is designed for the simultaneous filling of a larger amount of Dosing Capsules with ground plant material. The included Plunger facilitates closing the Capsules additionally. ..
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Mighty & Crafty - Dosing capsule x 40 Mighty & Crafty - Dosing capsule x 40
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Crafty & Mighty - Dosing capsule Set Description Original Dosing capsules for ground herbs. Includes 40 pcs. Crafty & MIghty Dosing Capsules Compatible CraftyMighty..
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Mighty / Crafty - 14mm Adapter Mighty / Crafty - 14mm Adapter
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Waterfilter Adapter for Crafty and Mighty Description Waterfilter Adapter for Stroz and Bickel portable vaporizer: Crafty and MIghty Includes Mighty / Crafty - 14mm Waterfilter-Adapter Compatible with CraftyMighty..
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Gold Plated Dosing Capsule Mighty/Crafty - FTV Description Gold Plated Capsule Doser for Mighty, Crafty and Crafty+ from French Touch Vaporizer (FTV). Gold Plated Dosing Capsule for MIghty/Crafty FTV is the ultimate alternative to the original aluminum dosing capsules! In addition, our ..
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Dosing Capsule for Liquids Set Description You can fill liquids and oils into the Dosing Capsules in advance. Includes 40 pcs. Dosing Capsules40 pc. Liquid Pad for Dosing Capsules Compatible CraftyMightyVolcanoPlenty..
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