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Fenix 2 Vaporizer Highlights AIR HEATING® Convection TechnologyHeating time: less than 30 seconds Fully Isolated Stainless Steel AIR PathAdjustable TimerOLED Double Display Description The Fenix 2.0 is the improved version of the FenixConvection from Weecke. The new paten..
Ex Tax:108.40€
Brand: Honey Stick
HoneyStick 'BeeKeeper' Battery with 510 TankThe little, handy and very discrete ‘The Bee Keeper‘ is a vape pen battery which works with the tank respectively cartridge technology. This means that the filled cartridge/tank is simply plugged into the heating element and ready to vape.The mouthpi..
Ex Tax:25.85€
HoneyStick 'VV Twist' Battery for 510er Tank silver
Brand: Honey Stick
HoneyStick 'VV Twist' Battery for 510er Tank silverThe battery with 510 screw thread is suitable for all cartridge/tank systems with 510 thread. It has power of 500mAh. The voltage can be adjusted in the range 2.0V - 4.0V. The battery is charged with the included USB charger. Shortdescription..
Ex Tax:17.23€
Leaf Buddi Wuukah E-Nail black Leaf Buddi Wuukah E-Nail black
The 'WUUKAH' e-nail from ‘Leaf buddi’ for extracts only takes a maximum of 15 seconds to heat up to the desired evaporation temperature. The temperature can be set exactly to the degree in the range 298° F - 899° F (148° C - 482° C), according to personal preferences.The integrated lithium-ion batte..
Ex Tax:129.31€
Stone Smiths Slash Dab Pen Kit Stone Smiths Slash Dab Pen Kit
The 'SLASH' by 'STONESMITH' from Canada is a pen vaporizer for concentrates like wax and oil, which can be dabbed on very easily. The 'SLASH' provides impressive dab and vape experiences of a special kind. The 'SLASH' uses an innovative (patent pending) circulation system for the air flow. T..
Ex Tax:60.34€
Brand: XVape
XVAPE 'V-One' 2.0 Concentrate E-NailThe 'V-One 2.0' from 'XVAPE' is an e-nail pen which is intended only for the vaporization of extracts (oil/wax). One very interesting feature is the bubbler which can be filled with water and placed on the heating element. The bubbler is a percolator which..
Ex Tax:51.72€
Brand: XVape
XVAPE 'Vista mini' E-NailThe 'VISTA MINI' by 'XVAPE' is a portable vaporizer for concentrates like oil and wax. You could also say, it is a portable electric dab rig. The 'VISTA MINI' is perfect for dabbing on the go because you can even charge the battery wirelessly. You only need a special..
Ex Tax:77.58€
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