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Vaporizer rental

You can now rent our vaporizers - up to 3 days free of charge! 

Because if you buy an equivalent or higher-value device within 10 days after returning the loan device, the rent of up to 3 days will be added to the purchase price of the new device.

Why should I rent a vaporizer?

The purchase of a vaporizer should be considered carefully. It is not uncommon for an ill-considered or incorrect purchase decision to lead to great frustration and wasted money. Because the best vaporizer is of no use, if it is lying unused in the corner due to the lack of the required properties. And why does it have to be the best, isn't a vaporizer in the lower price range enough?

Rent-A-Vap by MoJamba allows you to test your favorite extensively before buying and to find out whether vaping herbs is really right for you.

Maybe you only need the vaporizer for a certain time, so a purchase is out of the question. Be it for medical reasons, or simply for the next smoke-in (or steam-in) with the buddies. Maybe you own a table vaporizer like the Volcano or the Extreme Q and need a mobile solution for a limited time. 

Maybe you already own a mobile Vapo and just want to convince yourself of the advantages of a stationary device ...

Vaporizer rental by MoJamba has many advantages! 

Crafty Vaporizer 3 days Rental Crafty Vaporizer 3 days Rental
Stock: In Stock
Crafty Vaporizer 3 days rentalThe Crafty vaporizer is the little brother of the Mighty. Smaller, more handy and with app control. Here you can find more information about the Crafty Vaporizer and have the opportunity to buy it directly.When you buy a new device, the rent is free for up to 3 days..
Ex Tax:25.21€
Volcano Classic Vaporizer 3 days Rental
Stock: In Stock
The Volcano Classic vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is not without reason to be found in almost every Dutch coffee shop. Solid technology, simple operation and absolutely unbeatable when it comes to dense steam and the best medical quality.Here you can find more information about the Volcano..
Ex Tax:33.61€
Stock: In Stock
Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer 3 days rentalThe Extreme Q is the tabletop vaporizer from Arizer. The versatile device can be operated in 4 different modes and offers excellent value for your money.The user can choose between indirect inhalation by means of a balloon, as known from the Volcano, and the s..
Ex Tax:16.81€
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