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TinyMight V2 Vaporizer

TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
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TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
TinyMight V2 Vaporizer
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TinyMight V2 Vaporizer

Powerful, durable, beautiful, fast, easy to use and clean. And most importantly, amazing vapor quality.


  • High performance convection heating
  • American walnut wood body
  • Adjustable herb chamber
  • Extremely fast heat up starting from 3 seconds
  • Wide precision controlled temperature range
  • Internal high speed USB-C charging
  • Replaceable battery
  • High quality materials: stainless steel, aluminum, quartz glass, wood
  • Steam cooling unit
  • Two modes: On Demand and Session mode
  • Stealth mode to turn off the light of the device
  • 10 year limited warranty

Choice of wood:

American walnut wood allows the Tinymight 2 to stay a bit cooler, as it has better insulating properties than oak. Also, its grain is generally smoother, so it feels more solid and supple in the hand.


Tinymight 2 is slightly larger than the original Tinymight. As a result, it has better thermal insulation, a much sturdier construction, and more room for more sophisticated electronics.

Battery Cover:

The battery cover has been updated to make battery replacement easier. The original design had a recessed lid that often required a coin to open. The new lid has a comfortable grip surface that is easy to open without additional tools.


A tool has been added to the Tinymight 2 on the top of the unit, always ready to use when needed. The idea was to make it easier to adjust the volume of the herb chamber without having to search for a suitable tool, as it is always included with the device. The same tool can also be used to stir the herb, empty the chamber and even upside down to tamp the herb with the handle side. It can also be used to read the battery level and operation indicators.

New finish of the metal parts:

The Tinymight 2 has a new paint finish on all the external metal parts to make it much more scratch-resistant, so it will be able to handle active and carefree use while still maintaining its beauty for a long time.

USB-C Fast Charging:

Tinymight 2 has a brand new charging electronics. It allows for very fast and efficient charging with much less wasted energy. It is designed to work with almost any adapter possible, including computer USB ports, powerbanks, car chargers, USB-PD high-speed chargers, Quick Charge compatible chargers, and it automatically adjusts the charging speed to get the most out of the source.

Improved flavor:

The Tinymight 2 has received several enhancements to improve the flavor of the vapor produced by the device. The heater is now controlled much more precisely so that the temperature and heat output remain stable in all situations. There is no more wood under the heater design, and the new heat distributor and improved heater control allows the herb to vaporize more evenly and the end result is a tasty thick vapor production.

Improved power output:

The Tinymight's electronics have been completely redesigned to optimize the power delivery to the Tinymight's unique spiral heater. Idle power consumption has been reduced by 2.5 times, and now the device can also adapt to changes in environment and device usage for reproducible results in any situation. The electronic board controls the heating with much higher accuracy and lower losses: the end result of these changes is more solid vapor production in any situation and better battery life.

Battery level display:

The battery level is now indicated not only by vibrations, but also by colored lights on the back of the device and on the front of the multitool. This helps to understand what the battery level is at all times and plan things accordingly.

Beast Mode:

Tinymight has always allowed you to temporarily raise the temperature by holding down the button, but this only worked in Session Mode. The TM2 now has something called Beast Mode available in On-Demand. Turn the temperature to maximum until you see the lights turn white, and your temperature jumps to level "12".

Safety and Materials:

All parts have been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of safety and to protect the most sensitive users.

The air path is now completely sealed. For example, all metal parts in the steam path are now cleaned in heated ultrasonic baths with standard dental cleaning agents and carefully rinsed and dried.

American walnut wood, processed and finished in Helsinki by a local carpenter, is used for the wooden cabinet. The electronics are assembled in Finland by an assembly company certified for the manufacture of medical products.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Tinymight 2 thermal extraction device
  • 1x 55 mm glass mouthpiece
  • 1x cooling unit
  • 1x Molicel P26A or P28A battery
  • 1x 80 mm titanium tube
  • 1x spare parts set with O-rings and sieves
  • 1x charging cable USB-C
  • 1x carrying bag
  • Instruction manual

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