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What is a Headshop?  Let's play dumb... A Headshop is a Headshop, is a Headshop!
But the MoJamba Shop is just a little bit different: Mostly a little bit cheaper and above all a little bit more innovative!

MoJamba already proved this as the inventor of Scoop, the legendary herb shovel made of hemp plastic (which is now also available in real!).
Founded in 2004 in Alfter near Bonn, the small corner store successfully shocks the rather conservative local population with an assortment selection that looks for its equal and offers the hemp friend everything that man needs before, during and after the enjoyment of the favorite herbs.

To exceedingly customer-friendly opening hours MoJamba offers in Alfter and surroundings the largest assortment of products from the areas of

    hookahs and bongs
    blunts and leaflets
    sachets and scales

    .... and of course drinks and sweets in all colors, shapes and flavors!

And since many of our customers sometimes have a, let's say, very intense relationship with the couch at home, it is only logical that MoJamba can also be found on the web. This section of the store is dedicated specifically to smokers and vaporists, and we hope to offer a well-rounded shopping experience already.

But MoJamba wouldn't be MoJamba if we rested on our current state. All of our passion is for the herb, our products, and the goal of providing the best service at the best price possible.

And if there is an identical product cheaper somewhere else... you can talk about everything!

MoJamba-Smoking (as much as possible) since 1995

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