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[Dabbing] comes from [to dab], and describes the interesting "new" trend around the consumption of highly concentrated extracts from active ingredients of the Cannabis Sativa-L plant.

Thanks to their high potency, these products can be very effective even in the smallest quantities and therefore tend to be `droplet-wise´ and e.g. evaporated using a special, previously heated pipe bowl, which usually consists of glass, ceramic or titanium.

Not only are the most prominent representatives of the ingredients of cannabis, such as THC and CBD, inhaled in the purest form, the inclined consumer will find in these extracts - depending on the objective of the manufacture - also less well-known substances such as the CBG and the diverse world of tasty Cannabis terpenes in high concentration.

The coveted products are called e.g. Shatter, Wax, Oil, Crumble, Butter, BHO, Rosin or Live Resin and, apart from their consistency and composition, differ mainly in the manufacturing methods. A distinction is made between `Solvent´ and` Solventless´, which are used to produce extracts with or without the use of chemical solvents, e.g. Alcohol, butane gas or dimethyl ether.

With professional production, purity levels of up to 99% can be achieved!

While knowledge of the techniques used in the production and consumption of extracts in Germany is still in its infancy and is passionately operated by at least a handful of die-hard fans, often from the medical field and with access to the raw material in sufficient quality and quantity Above all in the USA, a large industry has already developed that has perfected the extraction methods and turned it into a real science. Closed-loop, CO² extraction or fresh frozen live resin are the buzzwords of this industry.

But home extraction also leads to results of good quality and can develop into an exciting hobby, with a reasonably professional procedure and with the strict observance of some important safety measures, even with the simplest aids such as a straightening iron.